A Rich History of Community Care With a Sincere Desire to Help Others

Dr. George Morrison

Dr. George Harvey Morrison was affectionately remembered as a skilled professional and philanthropist who held the well-being of his fellow citizens close to his heart.  As proof of this, in 1903, he established the Morrison Hospital as well as the Training School for Nurses in Whitefield, NH.  It was the only hospital north of Hanover, NH and was known for its latest discoveries in surgery and medicine. The school had more than 100 women graduate from the rigorous nursing program led by Mae Morrison, Dr. Morrison’s wife, the head nurse and administrator.


On March 9, 1926, Dr. Morrison gave the hospital to Whitefield during the town meeting.  The generous gift was unanimously accepted on the condition that it be maintained by the town in perpetuity.

Dr. Morrison’s financial contributions as well as fundraising efforts helped rebuild and add on to the hospital in 1929, continuing the growth of the high-quality health care facility.

Other highlights:

Mae Morrison, center, and students.
  • 1962 the town was petitioned to remove the hospital from the town to the status of a private non-profit establishment
  • 1963 Geriatric Dept. was started and received non-profit status
  • 1970 the facility became the Morrison Nursing Home
  • 1993 Sartwell Place opens
  • 2010 Dana Rehabilitation Wing, hospice suite         
  • 2015 Physical Therapy Wing completed



Through the years, despite all the changes, the mission has stayed the same.  Dr. Morrison’s tradition of providing quality care to his community is still supported today by evidence of the Morrison Nursing Home and flows into the creation of Summit by Morrison – its own forward-thinking campus filling a void in the region.

Morrison Nursing Home in 1928

The Morrison Hospital in the early 1900s.




Photos courtesy of the Whitefield Historical Society.